Development Of Greenfield International Airport At Mopa In Goa – Government Of Goa

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Category: Other – State Department
Sub-Category: Public Private Partnership
Project: Development Of Greenfield International Airport At Mopa In Goa
Start Date: 2017-09-04
Organisation: Government Of Goa
Respondent: Dr Suresh Shanbhogue, Director



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Dr Suresh Shanbhogue, Director at

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  1. This is first of its kind MoU signed by any state with a private entity to develop an Airport. It has set an example for other states to follow and take up more such Projects under PPP model. Such projects are revenue earner for the State and also generates jobs and provide direct and indirect economy boost to the individuals, society and state as a whole.

  2. This project has been conceived and completed in record time and will surely bring in all round economic development to the State. Great work by Mr Shanbougue and the project proponents ably supported by the State Govt.

  3. MOPA airport will definitely be a landmark structure not only for Goa state but to India too. Thanks for all the efforts by Dr Suresh Shanbhogue and to Goa government. Tourist inflow will multiply thereby making Goa a developed and standout destination.

  4. One of the most important mega infrastructure projects in the PPP model for the state of Goa initiated by the great visionary Late Manohar Parrikar. It will be a model trendsetter and guide to social and economic growth and development of the state of Goa.

  5. The new Greenfield International Airport at Goa will change the face of tourism in Goa. Goa would become one of the most preferred tourist location of the world. This Airport will bring state of the Art facilities and cater to both international and domestic tourist. The new Airport will generate employment opportunities for the locals and help in improving livelihood. Due to the efforts of Dr Shanbhogue, Director of Civil Aviation, this Project has become a reality and will change the face of Civil Aviation in India.

  6. The greenfield International Airport is unique in it’s nature as its first of it’s kind being contructed on PPP model.

    The project is being completed in record time 9f 36 months as forecasted. The time delay of pandemic covid – 19 however had impacted the construction.

  7. A truly state of the art airport facility, with a zero carbon footprint and the potential to have multiple taxiway and MRO facilities for the first time in Goa. This is a great achievement for everybody involved and a special mention to Dr Suresh Shanbhogue, Director of Civil Aviation, Goa for bringing 2 decades of planning to fruition.

  8. With this project Goa will be the first state in India to have 2 airports operating in such close proximity, this will also introduce another MRO facilty in the Indian Aviation market.

    What an amazing initiative by the Government!

    And a big thanks to all involved especially Dr Suresh Shanbhogue, Director of Civil Aviation, Goa for fast tracking and bringing this massive project to completion.

  9. The Project is emerging sucessfull because of the hard work and dedication of Dr. Suresh Shanbhogue, Director Civil Aviation and very soon we will get to see a wonderful international Airport in the state of Goa

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