Land Resource Inventory for Agriculture sustainablity and Convergence of Programs – Watershed Development Department,Karnataka

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Watershed Development Department – State Department
Sub-Category: Agriculture, Food Processing and Food Safety
Project: Land Resource Inventory for Agriculture sustainablity and Convergence of Programs
Start Date: 2020-01-01
Organisation: Watershed Development Department,Karnataka
Respondent: Dr Venkatesh Mahadevapura Venkataramanaiah, Commissioner



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Dr Venkatesh Mahadevapura Venkataramanaiah, Commissioner at

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  1. It is really one of the fantastic project…It is truly based on 100% Land resource inventory (LRI) & scientific data, one of the major and initiative step taken up by Watershed Development Department, Government of Karnataka, for conservation of Soil and water …And doubling the farmer’s income

  2. Excellent subject, Very much required for the country in the wake of severe exploitation of the soil and natural resources.Kudos to Dr Venkatesh for working on this topic.Fantastic presentation.

  3. Very good subject, Congratulations to Dr.Venkatesh for doing great job on Science based Watershed.All state governments should adapt this practice in day today agriculture practices.

  4. Watershed Development Department in Karnataka is doing good job in the field of soil and water conservation practices. It’s also doing good in the upliftment of economically weaker sections through EDP and SEDP trainings. The department is working as nodal agency for promotion of FPOs in the state.

  5. Sujala (clean bluewater for all) is a prestigious state govt project funded by state and central govt under the umbrela of -WDC PMKSY, DoLR, aim is to increase in soil and water conservation,harvesting potential scientifically by optimizing cost and maximum resource inventory through Agro hydro geology invenotory and planning.
    It also support sustainability of stake holders by promoting livelihood, income generation and market support for thier produce. Thier by achieving Doubling the farm income goal to feed the griwing population

  6. A holistic approach supported by science can help rainfed communities improve their livelihoods while also establishing a more resilient system. This project has adopted a holistic approach to strengthen capacities of all stakeholders to implement better science based and partcipatory watershed development programs. The program will not only help in conserving water and land by preventing soil run-off, harvesting rainwater, regenerating natural vegetation, and replenishing the groundwater table. This program is a game changer in the watershed development scenario.

  7. An excellent model of sustainable management of resources of watershed, towards enhancing productivity as per their potential.

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