RailMadad, Ministry of Railways

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Excellence in Governance
Sub-Category: e-Governance – Public Grievance Redressal
Project: RailMadad
Start Date: 01 May 2018
Organisation: Ministry of Railways
Respondent: Mr Vivek Srivastava, Executive Director Public Grievance (EDPG), Railway Board

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For more information, please contact:
Mr Vivek Srivastava, Executive Director Public Grievance (EDPG), Railway Board at edpg@rb.railnet.gov.in

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  1. Rail Madad is a Very useful tool provided by Ministry of Railway to redress all grievances of passengers. Excellent job…. I have given Full 5 stars to it. Best of luck. Wish it wins the award.

  2. Very very Useful Platform for all passengers, This platform always ready to help. very Excellent service Salute sir. proud to be Indian

  3. Very useful platform for all the common people of India. This will bring a education and knowledge about Rail India ????????. I appreciate their help and immediate help for any issue. Nowadays technology help the business to grow. Highly recommend.

  4. Our railways our proud our railway board our proud our railways guardian Piyush goyel sir our proud our railways employees our proud we Indian railways to dicedet for nation Indian railways zindabad

  5. रेल मदद हेल्पलाइन बहुत अच्छा है मैं इसे सैल्यूट करता हूं कोई भी समस्या का तुरंत समाधान किया जाता है

  6. सबसे बकवास बिकी हुई सर्विसेज है इसीलिए तो मेरी मेल दिखाई नहीं जाएगी

  7. I really thanks to “RailMadad Team” because they help me many times to solve my issues in rail but RailMadad software require to more improvement according to user-friendly. Sometimes OTP not received and sometimes received late also they web complain system is very bad. I will suggest please developed this system using any Good IT company not any bid type company because they only complete bid not develop quality product. I was seen maximum govt software is not user-friendly and many option didn’t work.

    I have rated 4 star. Thanks to “RailMadad Team”.

  8. As a student, I must say that it is best in class, unique and quick grievance redressal system. Kudos to team Railmadad. For the first time I experienced that issues got resolved if there are people, compassionate and ready to listen. Very good initiative. Keep it going.

  9. Iam requesting to railmadad please provided with ought PNR no we can complaint ie for regular/general passingers….

  10. Very bad frequency of trains in marathwada region in Maharashtra
    I’m from Udgir and Indian railway doesn’t given us a single regular train between Udgir and pune

    Why there is always injustice for Udgir station?
    No one will help us, it’s just politics.

  11. This website is very useful. Myself personally experienced it,within minutes our complaints get addressed. Keep the things going. Kudos to railways for hosting the website.

  12. Very useful information, share with us, thanku so much Mr. Srivastava sir and all of you team.
    Maybe progress soon.
    Jai chitransh.????????????????????????

  13. Very useful app, easily solving our problems, always helpful when Public travelling by train….can get all information, any complaint easily we get solution immediately

  14. Really amazing transformation of Indian railways now a days. Totally committed. I still remember that moment when even just a very small issue was resolved very quickly by railways about just tweeting about it. Very proud to this organisation.

  15. Indian railway should implement the traveller choice and provide facilities with comfort as per the amount received. Security is the priority.

  16. Indian Railways & it’s different.. despite many short commings is an trustworthy government organization for Common citizen..Here grils / women can travel without fear… different set up are functional..

  17. Trail mantralaya is doing well ,it can be improved with providing the facilities to the passengers to attract for traveling

  18. Rail mad is not able to cancel counter ticket the always help for sanitation work. During the summer time when I approached for non working of Fan no one attend and provide madad , finally my journey was completed. Later on massage come at my mobile that your request completed successfully but never recorded on which station.

  19. This is very much usefull as well as complaint salutation as immediate basis,
    Proudly Gret job by ministry of Railway

  20. Frist of all I would like to say thank you for this app. Such a great that it’s helps milluons of people.

  21. I have the privilege to inform you that “RAIL MADAD”launched by the Ministry of Railways is the most effective and passengers’ friendly tool to lodge any kind of complaints/grievances instantly by the passengers for quick redressal/disposal of their issues as well as it is also an important platform for submission of their suggestions/proposals for the development and improvement of Railway services in comparison to social media viz., Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram , Messenger etc apart from email.

  22. मेरे द्वारा विगत कई वर्षों से इस वेबसाइट के माध्यम से सरकार को अपनी समस्याओं से अवगत कराया जिसका संतोष जनक उत्तर प्राप्त हुआ

  23. त्वरित कार्यवाही करने का तरीका अच्छा है, ऐसे सुधार हर क्षेत्र में होने चाहिए। हम धन्यवाद देते है

  24. बहुत सुन्दर प्रस्तुति है रेल मदद् ऐप की कई बार उपयोग किया है ।

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