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COVID-19 Management Using Decentralized Community Involvement – District Administration Ganjam

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Response to COVID-19
Sub-Category: Response to COVID-19
Project: COVID-19 Management Using Decentralized Community Involvement
Start Date: 01-Apr-2020
Organisation: District Administration Ganjam
Respondent: Mr Vijay Amruta kulange

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For more information, please contact:
Mr Vijay Amruta Kulange, Collector & District Magistrate, Ganjam

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  1. COVIDManagement in Ganjam is really note worthy. Collector, Ganjam had hardly taken 4 to 5 hours per day for his personal work including rest. He took it as a challenge. Due to his able leadership, all District and Block level officers carried out his direction to fight against COVID-19. All employees of the District especially ASHA, Anganwadi and Teachers worked hard without fearing to death. So the situation changed from Deep red to green zone. Many thanks to V. A. Kulange, Collector and DM.

  2. Ganjam district managed covid-19 with community participation in such a way that covid death is negligible,cured patient rate is about 99% .The charismatic leader i.e collector ganjam himself personally involved in all activities from IEC to patient management.Ganjam is a model in terms of testing, community participation, involvement of shg members,asha,aww etc.

  3. Team Ganjam’s efforts are really praise worthy in management of COVID 19 with the able leadership of the Collector Ganjam. The dedication with passion shown by all the team members and their effective involvement in the COVID arena will be appreciated and remembered for a long time. Team Ganjam set a mile stone and created history. “Three cheers for Team Ganjam.”

  4. Ganjam district managed COVID -19 situation by building confident between villagers that they can defect CORONA VIRUS. Our honourable collector Ganjam, sir personnaly involve 4 to 5 hours per day to sensitize all IEC activity and community participitation in all NAC and Village area. All Block lebel officials, elected members, sarapanch work hard and peoples are follow all the rules of State, District and Block admistration so that our COVID-19 recovery rate is high.

  5. Management in the field of covid-19 has been trendsetting not only in arousing the proactiveness from people’s side but decisive in implementing all guidelines issued from time to time by govt.

  6. We the people of ganjam district are so lucky that we got a gigantic leadership by our collector sir for which ganjam is example for whole country for covid 19 management. By virtue of which mortality rate is minimised, maximum patent were cured n spread of virus is confined. We feel honoured to work under the leadership of collector sir.

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