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Hospital Management Information System (HMIS), B. Y. L. Nair Hospital Mumbai

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Category: Swasth Bharat
Sub-Category: Swasth Bharat
Project: Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)
Start Date: 21-Jun-2018
Organisation: B. Y. L. Nair Hospital Mumbai
Respondent: Dr Ramesh Bharmal

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For more information, please contact:
Dr Ramesh Bharmal, Director M. E. M. H.

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  1. This is unique system being implanted in City of Mumbai’s Public Hospital and teaching institution. Will be of immense beneficial for the patient approaching this hospital.

  2. A very great project.Dr Sarika Chapane and team have worked hard to make the project successful.Nair hospital always keeps in mind as to how helpful they can be to serve patients.Great work mam.Hats off to you

  3. It will help me a lot in COVID Pendamic as well as in routine checkup got unique id which useful in all MCGM hospitals all previous clinical records are accessible to clinicians any time.

  4. Nice application developed by Inspira Enterprise, Manorama healthcare Infosolutions and Medsynaptic, which enables in delivering proper and detailed updates to MCGM administration as well as all necessary reports to the patients. This application should be deployed across the nation and should be made available for all hospital facilities so that the government can recognize pandemics similar to covid and take precautionary measures in advance. I wish all the best to the entire team and MCGM.

  5. One of the largest program nd unique system is being rolled out across 399 Hospitals . Really its revolution in digital Healthcare industry .
    Congrats for being successful in Nair and other major MCGM hospitals .

  6. One of the best health information exchange system setup by MCGM…. this would connect all 399 location hospital and secured paperless data sharing for quick help to patient.

    Complete Nair Hospital staff has been cooperative and accepted the change from paper based system to paperless system.

    diagnosis wise data report, patient count and dashboard are really helping hospital management. Patient tracking in covid due to kin details and other have become very easy.

  7. Enhancement of patient comfort levels due to availability of online medical records
    Reduction in patient anxiety due to visible queue management at Out-patient department
    Substantial reduction in patient treatment turn-around-T
    Availability of laboratory and Radiology reports in HMIS leads to quicker diagnosis and treatment planning.

  8. 1)Enhanced decision making due to real time availability of drug and medical equipment
    2)Due to equipment integration saves on time and effort for Laboratory and Radiology reporting
    3)Real time availability of public health data, helps in tailoring of public health out-reach programs
    4)Efficient referral system connecting all 399 locations

    Though the time have been the difficult, your dedication towards your work did not shake a bit & working tirelessly, I highly appreciate your work during covid 19 & heartfelt thank you.


  9. HMIS (Health Management Information System) is the best patient data collection system specifically designed to support planning, management and decision making in health facilities and organizations.
    The primary objective of HMIS is to help health workers deliver healthcare to the population. Health information systems help to collect, compile and analyze health data to help manage population health and reduce healthcare costs, HMIS Healthcare data analysis is in improving patient care.
    Benefits of Hospital Management Information System.
    The Benefits of a Hospital Management Information System.
    1. Easy Access to Patient Data
    2. Cost Effective
    3. Plugs Revenue Leakage
    4. Increased Data Security & Retrieve-ability
    5. Improved Operational Effectiveness/ optimize productivity and simplify daily operations
    6. Accountability

    In the difficult phase of the CoVID19 pandemic, Nair Hospital is using the HMIS application system to get information about the patients and improving care Patient.

  10. Hospital management information system is good initiation by municipal corporation of greater Mumbai .
    Benifits of system direcly reaching to common public.
    With the help of HMIS, MCGM is giving better health service to patients .
    Machine integration of radiology and laboratory services is helping early diagnosis and treatment of patients coming to Nair Hospital.
    Most important benifit is reduction in waiting period for patients in public hospital.
    Each and every member in HMIS team is dedicated to work , they are very hardworker’s , intelligent, always focasing on giving better patients care, in COVID pandemic also they were equally efficient which i need to really appreciate.
    Thanks to higher authorities in MCGM, Dean Nair hospital ,MCGM IT department,HOD radiology, both hardware and software teams, HMIS dataentry operators, MRO Nair Hospital and All RA’S, doctors, nurses, technicians in Nair Hospital for never ending support for achieving success in HMIS for giving better health service during COVID pandemic.

  11. Great initiative taken by MCGM for a common peoples where they will get a unique id and their clinical records are kept in digital format which can be retrieve any time for various analysis.

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